Final Clearance Sale

Dear Customers,

This is the last chance to buy our eTowers. We are transitioning away from this product line and are selling what limited inventory we have available.

The Titan eTower™ Advantage

Limited to lights on just your football field? Never have to worry about cramming practices in before dark or overcrowding the football field or gym. Eversun eTower is perfect for Soccer, Tennis, Batting Cages, Basketball and more!

Free yourself from hefty utility bills, maintenance expenses and noisy & noxious generators. 

Eversun eTowers are 100% sustainable and powered by clean renewable energy thanks to the 200w portable solar panel. Fully charge the Titan’s integrated LifePO4 battery in as little as 5 hours. 

Eversun eTowers offer unlimited scheduling flexibility. You can say goodbye to the hassle of cramming practices or sharing fields. With our system, the end of Daylight Saving Time won’t be a problem anymore. Eversun owners appreciate the freedom they have with Eversun eTowers.

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 AYSO affiliates use Eversun eTowers for their soccer club to extend practice and create flexibility. 


Listen to The Mckibbin Brothers, pro beach volleyball players, talk about their experience with the Apollo units at their tournaments. Our new product, the Titan, is even better with double the brightness and battery life, a solar panel, and a stronger case.

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Dude Perfect recommends Eversun’s eTowers for epic trick shots. 

The Universal Quad-Pod™ Features


The Universal Quad-Pod™ is a heavy-duty, free-standing base. Our most portable solution that provides instant, and reliable lighting no matter the area. Capable of being deployed on any surface type with footprint of 6’x6′. For high wind environments, we include  sand bags and anchoring grounding stakes.

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Flexibility for all your fields

Patent-Pending Ultra-Portable Design

Forget about towing and hauling. The eTower’s compact design delivers elite performance at a fraction of the storage space requirements. Giving you ultimate flexibility and adaptability for any outdoor setting