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Illuminate your next outdoor game or camping trip with our battery powered night lights!

At Eversun, we offer a solution to outdoor games and camping at night with our battery operated outdoor light! Our portable field lights are powerful yet lightweight LED light panels designed to provide both players and spectators with better visibility on dark fields so that you can enjoy more games on your favorite court.
Our Story

Never Stumble Through The Dark Again With Our Bright LED Sports Lights!

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The idea for Eversun’s portable field light was entirely impromptu. It all came about because of one person’s desire to play his sport with no time, location, or electricity limits. Engineer and former college baseball player Austin Vawter moved to San Diego in the summer of 2014. Without baseball around, he quickly developed an affinity for beach volleyball, which could be played on any beach with just a few friends after work. Austin developed a relationship with a group of volleyball players.
Suddenly, daylight savings time ended, and it suddenly got dark at 4:30 pm. With no illuminated volleyball courts in San Diego, Austin’s favorite after-work activity was no longer feasible. 5 months later, Spring rolled around, and he could play again, but Austin had fallen out of touch with the members of his group, and his skills had declined significantly. Determined to prevent this from happening again in the future, Austin developed what would be the very first prototype design for Eversun.
He spent the next year developing this idea and perfecting the design and function in every way possible. When Austin witnessed the immense joy and value these lights were adding to the volleyball community, he decided to set out on a mission to build and share them with the world. Thus, Eversun was born.
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Bring Outdoor Games or Adventures To Life With Eversun's Outdoor Portable Lighting!

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With Eversun, enjoy outdoor adventures or get an instant power boost for all outdoor games. Create a beautiful and efficient backdrop for pickleball, volleyball, or camping trips with our Eversun LED lights!
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Longer Runtime

With less time it takes to charge our battery operated outdoor lights when compared to traditional electric outdoor lights, you will never have to worry about the batteries dying on you!
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Battery-operated outdoor lights are a great way to conserve energy, so it’s a win-win when you order your Eversun LED tower lighting systems!
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Extra Safety Measures

Don’t leave safety behind when you’re camping or exploring at night! Our portable camping lights provide added peace of mind while you’re trekking through nature!

Lighting solutions for outdoor enthusiasts who love camping or playing games at night!

Pickleball, volleyball, and other outdoor games players love to play at night when it’s cooler, but unfortunately, most outdoor courts don’t have lights on them. Our portable field lights provide an easy solution to this problem, giving players the ability to play in the cool evening air while still ensuring they can see where they’re going or, in the case of volleyball, where your partner just spiked the ball!