In the captivating world of trick shots, Dude Perfect has established a legendary reputation. Their awe-inspiring stunts and out-of-the-box creativity have made them household names, thrilling millions of fans worldwide with every new video release. But what goes on behind the scenes to make these spectacular trick shots possible?

At Eversun, we’ve had the privilege of playing a part in Dude Perfect’s ongoing quest for extraordinary trick shot performances. We’ve recently teamed up with them to provide our innovative portable light towers, the EverSun eTowers, for their epic night-time shoots.

Click Here to See DudePerfects latest trick shot video featuring Eversun eTowers.

The video is over 10 minutes so if you want to skip to the part where they feature Eversun eTowers, Click here

This video featured (1) 18K lumen Apollo, and (1) 40K lumen Titan light tower.

Before discovering our eTowers, Dude Perfect struggled to find a lighting solution that met their high standards. The team required a robust, reliable, and powerful light source that could fully illuminate their extensive outdoor locations. Enter EverSun. Our eTowers’ exceptional power, superior height, and extended battery life made them the perfect fit for Dude Perfect’s demanding needs.

Dude Perfect’s VP of Production, Chad Terrell, has shared his experience with our eTowers, praising their superior performance and reliability. This partnership has opened up new creative horizons for the team, allowing them to perform their legendary trick shots against the backdrop of the night sky, illuminated by the radiant glow of our eTowers.

Here’s what Chad had to say about this game-changing partnership:

We’ve always been all about pushing our limits, and when it comes to pulling off the most epic trick shots, lighting is a crucial part. Our journey to find the right lighting solution led us to EverSun and their game-changing portable light towers, the eTowers.

I gotta tell you – we’ve tried a ton of different setups before, but nothing we’ve found has matched up. Everything else just didn’t pack enough power or couldn’t go the distance. The eTowers were a different story though, they really stepped up to the plate.

The height and power of these towers are seriously next-level. Our outdoor locations lit up like never before, making every intricate trick shot visible in stunning detail. It felt like we were stepping into a stadium under the big lights!

And don’t even get me started on the battery life. These eTowers can outlast even our longest shooting days. It’s great not having to worry about lighting dying out on us mid-shot – that’s a game changer!

I’m stoked to say that thanks to EverSun, we’ve got some wicked night-time trick shots coming your way. The eTowers have opened up a world of opportunities for us to level up our game, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned.

Big shoutout to EverSun for creating a product that’s up to the Dude Perfect standard. We’re looking forward to hitting more trick shots under the radiant glow of the eTowers. It’s not just about making trick shots, it’s about making them perfect!

Chad Terrell
VP of Production, DudePerfect

Our collaboration with Dude Perfect has been an electrifying journey, and we’re excited to continue supporting their awe-inspiring creativity. At Eversun, we’re proud to provide high-quality, high-performance lighting solutions that empower visionaries like Dude Perfect to shine even brighter.

As Dude Perfect continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of trick shots, we look forward to illuminating their path with our eTowers. Stay tuned to witness more dazzling trick shots brought to life under the radiant glow of the Eversun eTowers!

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