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Get Your Outdoor Field Lighting Ready for Fall

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Among the essential elements, sports field lighting is the one you can use to enhance the playing experience. Without proper lighting, players won’t be able to spot the ball, leading to more injuries. Additionally, the spectators, commentators, and the broadcasting audience will also have to face challenges in identifying players.

The biggest issue arises when the referee on the field isn’t able to make the decision for a penalty, and when he goes to see the video, all he sees is blurred video. Such issues are more often faced in the fall season when the sun usually sets sooner than in summers, leading to the need for more improved outdoor sports lighting arrangements.

Can Outdoor Lights Be Left on During the Winter?

Modern outdoor lights are made to withstand the elements and may be left on all year. Whereas most outdoor lights are waterproof, you should inspect the outdoor sports lighting once a year and, if feasible, put them in a cool, dry location to extend their life.

The occurrence of moisture in the atmosphere may lead to rusting. Please keep them in excellent working order to avoid moisture intrusion. Before buying lights, be sure they have an Ingress Protection Rating.

Sports Outdoor Field Lighting Demands in Winters

Spotting the small ball from the hands of the player to the bat is quite difficult when there is no or less lighting. Moreover, these games are highly televised. Even the college-level tournament is broadcasted. Thus, the proper color rendering properties of sports field lighting are important, giving the perfect balance of colors to the video quality. Using good quality lights not only makes the viewer's experience good but also gives a better playing experience to the players. Here, we have jotted down points on what you can do to make your sports outdoor LED sports lights ready for fall:

Watch For Exposed Wirings

When it becomes chilly outside, the earth freezes and thaws, driving hidden wire upward. Any cables that are exposed as a result of this should be interred as soon as possible before the ground freezes over. Wirings will get damaged if left exposed on the grounds.


Clean The Lens

Often fog sometimes obstructs the LED sports light. CLR cleaner and a nonabrasive cloth can be used to remove it. This way, you can melt away any accumulated snow after a heavy snowfall, giving a better experience to players.

Keep An Eye Out for Moisture Issues

Because ice and snow are simply frozen water, moisture issues are typical in the winter. When melted snow gets into an outlet and trips it, this is a typical cause of these issues. You may simply solve this by pushing the outlet's "reset" button and ensuring the cover is correctly closed.

Focus On Light Bulbs

Extreme temperatures, particularly cold ones, can quickly deplete your light bulbs. Any bulbs that burn out rapidly should be replaced since they will damage the health of the others. Because outdoor lighting is frequently a low-voltage system, each bulb contributes to the overall burden. Using lighting that works well even during the winter will keep your sports field illuminated.

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