How do I plan lighting for Volleyball Court?

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Volleyball is a widely popular game in which two teams involving 6 players each are separated by a net. Both teams attempt to gain points by throwing the ball at speed toward another side of the court, in an attempt the other team misses hitting the ball. Most of the time, this game is conducted at night, making the addition of a volleyball court lighting set-up a necessity. But, while talking about the LED volleyball lights, there are no. Things to consider like which lighting fixture to use, lighting price, proper brightness level, and much more. When the administration didn’t focus on such things, the players had to suffer the outcomes of improper lighting. Here, we have shared things that would help you to organize your volleyball court lighting properly:

Volleyball court lighting Requirements

Since the game features high-speed ball moments, uniform volleyball court lights should be used to illuminate the court area. The use of anti-glare LED lights is important to avoid high-brightness sources gleaming the player's eyes.

The court size and layout

To install proper volleyball court lighting, it is important to look after the dimensions of the playing area. As the length and width of the volleyball court are 18 and 9 meters with an accessible area of 3 meters, you should not compromise on illuminating this area at least. Do not miss the additional barrier-free area that is actually 7 meters high from the ground. For the international matches like world championships and Olympics, the size and layout vary. The court has at least 5-meter wide and 8 meters long with an empty barrier-free space 12.5 meters high. All the court areas should be flat and uniform to provide the players with a better playing experience.

The Volleyball court lighting arrangement

Generally, direct lighting fixtures are used to illuminate the playing field as they are known to provide a better experience to the players. You must use the direct lighting fixture, a conventional lighting system, for better efficiency and good energy-saving effect:


Top Arrangement

Go with an asymmetrical lighting arrangement that generally uses low space and provides a much better level of illumination. In addition, using the top arrangement of LED volleyball lights, light falls perpendicular to the playing area, providing better vision to the players.

Asymmetrical Arrangement

Like the lights arranged on the roads, the distribution lamp on both sides of the lighting fixture is preferred for television broadcasting requirements. The aiming angle of the light must not be greater than 65 degrees in such situations.

Mixed arrangements

For the large complete stadiums, a mixed volleyball court lighting arrangement is suitable that helps to illuminate every nook and corner of the playing field. In such a layout, lights are set up on both sides and the top.

Indirect illumination

On the contrary, such lights are fixed upward, and the court is illuminated by reflected light from the ceiling. In such scenarios, more energy is consumed, and only the glare is controlled.

Volleyball court lighting Design

Make sure to choose a beam angle according to the height of the volleyball court. Mainly the use of direct fixtures is prevalent, providing better efficiency. A total number of 8 lamp sets can be used with a combination of LED, metal halide lamps, and light poles. Maintain the color temperature around 4000k to 4200k. All the lights that you install on your volleyball court should have a lightning protection function. If not, go with adding an external SPD lighting protection filter to avoid unnecessary disturbances later.

Choose professional LED court lights!

Most often, during the television forecast, the video and picture have serious color distortion. The main reason for such issues is using low-quality lights that have bad color rendering index and glaring properties. However, Eversun's volleyball lighting court lights relieve you from such scenarios. All our LED lights provide uniform illumination, an anti-glare system, and better color temperature, ensuring the safety of the players. We offer the best lighting for sand volleyball court that provides the perfect light distribution all over the field.