Sports Field Lighting

How Many Lumens Are Required for Sports Field Lighting?

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Having consistent outdoor sports lighting throughout the sports field is important for sports events, whether it be local or professional. It is one thing that you can’t overlook while playing. The use of fewer lumens in sports field lighting can lead to a bad playing experience.

To overcome such circumstances, the authorities should often look around for optimum lumen in sports field lighting. This will help to fulfill the basic requirements of all the individuals connected to the particular sports like players, audience, and broadcasting audience.

However, when the optimal level of sports field lighting isn’t provided, it will reduce your playing experience. Here, we have explained everything exactly how many lumens do you need to light up the sports field:

What Is a Lumen?

A lumen, also called a luminous flux, is a number of illuminations produced by an LED sports lighting system. Lumens are comparable to the luminance of a standard candle at an angle of one sq meter.

If the right absorbent hemisphere covers the origin, the system is designed to transmit half of the light flux. Lumen is a measurement of the quantity of visible light existing at a particular angle or beam or produced from an origin in the simplest way possible.

Through all the conventional responses of human eyes, the number of lumens or candelas generated by a source is determined by its spectrum.

Lumen Vs. Lux

The distinction between lumens and lux units is whether the light flow is diffused in the region or not. If a 1000 lumen luminous flux is focused in a 1 square meter region, the region will be lighted with 1000 lux luminous intensity. Darkening is just 100 lux when 1000 lumens are dispersed across a ten-square-meter region. 1 lx = 1 lm / m2 is their connection.

How To Compute the Lumen for Sports Field Lighting?

After knowing what exactly is lumen efficacy and watts, calculating the lumens required for a sports field is such a big task. The luminous strength of your sports field lighting should be 1 canopy/light source. Because LED lights’ illuminating effectiveness is generally 150lm/W, we may increase the lumens of 1000W stadium lights by 150lm/W to reach 150,000 lumens.

You could also use lumens to lux converter to quickly convert lux to lumens. Because light diffuses as it moves from the transmitter, the longer it goes, the lighter dissipates and the lesser the intensity.

Ways To Change Lumens into Watts

Wattage is also important to consider while deciding on sports field lighting. The wattage is critical and closely tied to the amount of power you spend. The greater the wattage, the greater the monthly power expenditure. How do you tell how much power you’ll use when you recognize the lumens?
You must first determine the luminous effectiveness of the LED sports lighting for conversion. Both luminous effectiveness and watts are used to determine lumens. To put it another way, the luminous flux V in lumens (lm) equals the power P in watts (W) multiplied by the luminous efficiency lm/W: V(lm) = P(W) x(lm/W).

Lumens Required for Different Sports Field Lighting!

Presently, there are several types of sports and many sports arenas. The LED sports lighting needs for various sports grounds and purposes have also altered. Some outdoor sports fields have specific lighting needs. You need to use the above-given formulas to find out the lumens required for specific sports field lighting.