Pickleball Court Lighting

Is Your Pickleball Field Ready for Night Playing?

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What if you can’t play your favourite sport due to poor lighting? It’ll be an utter disappointment! Right! But we have all you need to know to light up your pickleball court to make it ready for play.

And, whenever it relates to pickleball, lights are a no-brainer. If you enjoy pickleball and have been participating for a long time, you are probably aware of the importance of pickleball court lighting. While it adds to the overall enjoyment of the sport, it is also required for the players’ protection and to provide a better vision to the spectators.

While pickleball court lights are necessary, their size, functionality, and perfect execution set them apart from the competition. Here, we’re giving you advice on which things to keep in a while adding designing your pickleball court lighting layout:

Use A 20 Feet High Pole

Want to give players a chance to let them see the ball from all angles. Positioning the pickleball courts lights at such great height gives the players a clearer vision from all the angles. On the other hand, if you use lower poles, the ball will disappear when thrown high. Surprisingly, this might hurt the player when the ball falls on the court.

A Total Of 30 Foot candles Are Enough for The Pickleball Court Lighting System.

Foot candles are used to measure the lighting levels required for a particular court. The perfect foot candle for the pickleball court lighting system is 30. It will be harder for the players to spot the ball when light with a lower level of foot candles is used. In contrast, when foot candles are higher than 30. It can result in causing glaring effects, resulting in straining the player's eyes.

Minimum And A Maximum Light Ratio

This ratio is used to spread out the lights evenly throughout your pickleball court. To calculate the light ratio of your court, divide the highest area by the lowest area of the court’s lighting. Whatever your answer will help decide your pickleball court lighting layout. It is the perfect method to illuminate your playfield for night play. Adjusting the lights according to the requirements will benefit both the players as well as the spectators.

Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

Your Pickleball Court Lights Should Be Glass-Free

Pickleball court lighting should be glass-free or composed of materials that will not break if bumped into by a ball. It should be robust and long-lasting enough to withstand adverse weather, such as storms, high winds, and hurricanes. Lighting must be protected so that lights can work irrespective of the weather.

Add A Backlight Shield

Back shields are light-blocking devices that may be worn over the light to avoid glare or light intrusion. When a light you've put upsets a neighbor or passer-by by beaming into their property or something equivalent, it's known as light trespassing. Light trespassing from your Pickleball lights may be prevented using backlight shields. Don't forget to add these to your pickleball court lights!
When you install your pickleball court lights, you'll definitely get the perfect illumination after considering all the above-given tips. All these measures are created properly to guide you in your lighting journey.
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