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Lighten up your beach volleyball court with LED lights!

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Volleyball is a competitive sport that requires high technical and physical strength to play it. Rapidly growing Beach volleyball spends a fun pastime, especially in summer picnics. When you have a facility of a beach volleyball court, you must ensure that it is open or vacant when someone wants to play. When you play a game on a beach or court, lighting is an essential element of this sport. The proper volleyball court lighting system is complete, and the function of your space adds enjoyment to those who use it, and lighting from Eversun lighting is the more superb choice for this endeavor. The lighting requirement for the beach volleyball court is slightly different from other courts.
To assist you in having a bright lighting system for your beach volleyball court, here is a guide to volleyball lighting.

Beach volleyball court lighting necessities:

The lighting of the beach volleyball court is enormously critical for improving the players' performance. If the lighting system is not good, it will affect the player's eyesight. Moreover, the audience or viewers of the match will not be able to see what is running on the court. So proper lighting plays a very significant role on a Beach volleyball court. There are several elements to assume when installing lamps lights in court. The utmost necessary requirement is the correct level of brightness. Not too much bright and not too much dim. Accurate level of brightness lights where all enjoy the match by seeing it correctly.

Explanations of why LED Lights are ideal for beach volleyball court:

Reduce the risk of damage from sun, sand, and water:

Using the best lighting for sand volleyball court reduces the chances of exposing lights to sand and sun. There is another risk of water or waterfront atmosphere on beaches in some areas. Everson Apollo and LED lights were tested and experimented with in harsh weather conditions and proven the ability to stand against the worst conditions. Even the sand or water in the air cannot damage these luminaries and not even rust over time.

Improve the visibility on the court:
When selecting LED lighting for your sand or beach volleyball courts, provide improved visibility to the players and attendees of the match. Eversun LED lighting offers the best lighting system that embraces Mother Nature by offering lights that are so close to natural sunlight. This helps make the watching experience more delightful for fans and players.
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Permit to play games after dark or at night to save energy costs:

When you brighten up your volleyball court lights, you can enhance the volume of time accessible to finish the match to the end. This increases the overall enjoyment of the space. Looking for other lighting options increases the cost and consumes more energy, whereas Eversun Volleyball court lighting ingests less energy to provide the same light level. You can keep your beach volleyball court lit after dark without negatively impacting your overall operating expenses.

Free from flicker and glare:

One of the top reasons for installing LED volleyball lights for your beach volleyball court lights is flicker and glare-free lighting. It allows the players greater visibility and accuracy as they dive for the ball or spike it over the net. These lights create no eye strain and stress and minimum or no glare. This bright, natural-looking light confirms the safety and fun gameplay and light more of the court with fewer lights.

Excellent photometric lighting design:

With the help of photometric lighting design, you can check the lights before using or installing them on your beach volleyball courts. Much software delivers a photometric method for your beach volleyball court that suggests a clear-cut view of how the court will brighten up before induction. With this, you can predict the uniformity and check the brightness of lights without installing them.

Uniformity of lights:

Light uniformity is another factor you should focus on when installing stadium lights. Uniform light is crucial for enabling all the players and spectators to see and watch the match clearly. LED lights spread their illumination evenly throughout the area. This will ensure the players can perform well during the game.

How many lamps lights should you inaugurate on your beach volleyball court?

To have proper lighting on your beach volleyball court, you need to know first the requirement of poles on the field. The courts already have different arrangements of poles. Not just this, the height of the poles also varies. If the size of your sticks is very tall, you need fewer poles but with high-power LED volleyball court lights to brighten up the whole space. Sometimes this creates a problem as there is a weight limit as the LED volleyball court lights have high power and are heavy in weight. So for safety and security purposes, you know your lights weight limit.

If you want to add the benefits of the LED volleyball lights to your beach volleyball court and want nature to embrace natural lighting that is efficient and effective, then browse our Eversun Apollo and LED night lights and find the right one for your needs.