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    Often, sports stadiums are used for playing a varied variety of games. Some of them are used for playing field games, and some have the arrangement for both track and field games. Every type of tournament is played, from international to local matches. However, all these games and matches have diverse lighting needs due to their varying dimensions. Thus, Eversun caters to all the needs of the different sporting tribes by providing them with the best sports LED lights San Jose.

    We look after every sport played in the respective stadium and then decide which sports field lighting system in San Jose should be installed that will illuminate every corner and field marking of the stadium. All we do is a check-up on the sports that demands the most brightness. What most lighting companies do is they go with installing the general lighting system that doesn’t cater to all the demands of numerous games played in the respective stadium. But, Eversun stands out by providing you with the best sports night light San Jose!

    We Offer More Light And Less Power Consumption!
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    Do you know what conventional lights don’t offer? They never provide more light with less power. On the opposite, conventional lights use more power, making them bad for the environment as well. However, with Eversun, you can save power up to 20% by using our sport field LED lights San Jose than conventional lights. Our lights for sports San Jose field are more energy-efficient than the regular ones and have modern anti-glare and flicker-free properties.

    Lighting The Darkest Nights for You!

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    When you want to give the players a better visual experience, then a good idea is to use our portable night light San Jose System. We never want the players to suffer because of poor lighting, and this is the main reason why we stick to providing quality in all our outdoor portable light San Jose systems! It is worth mentioning that our lights are 100% battery-powered, so you never have to compromise while playing. Use our rechargeable lights for sports San Jose and have fun while playing.


    The capacity to display the real color of an object is measured by the CRI. Our Sports Field LED Lights San Jose have CRI above 80, describing its great capacity in reflecting the real color of the objects.

    Visual Comfort

    Flicker create hallucinations or random illusions in the player’s mind, interrupting them to focus on the ball. To stop such hazy visions, we use rechargeable lights for sports San Jose.

    Padded Light Carrying Case

    While the transportation, most lights often get damaged! Order our energy-efficient lights with a padded light carrying case San Jose so you can transport them safely to your place!

    Get long-lasting lights that make your court bright!

    All You Get Is a Bright Playing Experience!
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    Good illumination is required when engaging in any outdoor sports. Primarily, homogeneous and flicker-free illumination will allow for the greatest possible performance of sports. Players will be able to interchange the ball under optimal lighting circumstances. To give the players an enhanced visual of balls and field markings, our sports LED lights San Jose is a perfect option!
    Not only does our sports lighting system San Jose enhances players’ experience, but it also helps in enhancing broadcasting quality to give the spectators the best view. It is worth mentioning that we install rechargeable lights for sports San Jose fields, so you’ll never have to worry when in short-of power. Our Sports field LED lights San Jose has put off an outstanding of 18000 lumens, providing an overall illumination of over 5.5 hours.
    A Smart Lighting Solution for Your Playfield!
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    We focus on every aspect to provide a better experience to the players as well as the audience. So, while designing the layout for sporting places, we keep one thing in mind the optimal size that doesn’t interrupt the spectators and the players as well. In addition, most of the internal circuits get damaged due to the dust seepage in the lights. However, our sports field LED lights San Jose are made to withstand the wear and tear from rain, wind, and dust.
    Order our efficient lights for your sports field now! Not only do we have lighting for the sports field, but we have lights for camping San Jose as well. Our camping lights San Jose do provide a clear vision even in the darkest of the nights.