eTower Plug-In BASE

You won’t EVER have to stop playing when the SUNsets if you own an Apollo Portable Light System.

The Eversun eTower is the world’s best portable sports lighting system.

A uber portable LED light tower that goes from 5 feet to 20 feet in seconds and puts off an outstanding 18,000 lumens.

Just connect to a power source and you will have all the light you need all night long!

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The Eversun eTower LED light tower system is the world’s best portable lighting system, ideal for outdoor activities, and sports like pickleball, volleyball, basketball, and many more! Eversun’s eTower LED tower light system is an ultra-portable telescopic light tower that goes from 4 feet to 20 feet in seconds and puts off an outstanding 18,000 lumens of light! The Plug Edition operates off an existing AC/DC power source which can be upgraded to feature a 5-7hr battery pack at anytime. It’s mounted with an underground anchoring sleeve which allows the light tower to be installed on a soft surface in seconds with only a 8″x4″x4″ hole in the ground. To install on hard surfaces, purchase the Quad-Pod All-Surface upgrade and have zero limits!

Upgrade your eTower base with our 5.5hr Lithium Ion battery to make your eTower completely mobile.

Get your Apollo Deluxe Portable LED Light System Today!


  • Each eTower Light System features (2) 9000 lumens LED Pro+ Lamps (18,000lm total per eTower).
  • Pro+ lamps combine ultra-energy-efficient technology with superior light quality.
  • Lights have a CRI of >80 which exceed the NCAA collegiate lighting standards.
  • The Apollo features a 4-to-20-foot carbon fiber telescopic mast.
  • These portable outdoor lights are easy to set up and install in under 60 seconds.
  • The base sleeve requires a footprint of one square foot of ground space. The underground anchor requires 8” of surface depth to install its underground mounting sleeve.
  • The quick-connect design of these LED lights allows the light arm to be detached from the mast allowing compact storage and transportation in most 4-door vehicles.
  • The eTower Plug-In edition can be connected to many different power sources including battery generators, AC power, cars & RVs, and many more.

Purchase the padded transportation case to bring your Apollo light system anywhere! (sold separately)

Additional battery and charger package available.

  • For beach volleyball, pickleball, and basketball, two systems will cover one court with great coverage.
  • Three systems can be used to cover two courts side by side.
  • Four systems will provide 100% coverage at all areas of 2 full-size basketball courts.

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