The Titan eTower is an all-in-one portable lighting solution with a 4-20ft Carbon Fiber/Alloy telescopic mast and a dual dimmable 100W LED light arm delivering up to 40,000 lumens. The system includes an IoT dimmer, driver, MPPT solar charger controller, aluminum alloy ground anchor, AC power adapter, and a lock-in battery. The Titan eTower is also equipped with a foldable solar panel and a quad-pod for versatile setup options. The system is protected with a hard-shell travel case for extreme durability.



The Titan eTower is the ultimate solution for all your portable lighting needs. This powerful and versatile light tower features a 4-20ft Carbon Fiber/Alloy Telescopic Mast that can be adjusted to meet your specific lighting requirements.

The MAX Light Arm is equipped with two dimmable 20,000 lumen LED lamps that provide 360-degree lighting. With its built-in IoT Dimmer, Driver, and MPPT Solar Charger Controller, this light arm is designed to provide reliable and efficient lighting in any environment.

The Ground Anchor is made of aluminum alloy and can be mounted above or below ground. It requires a 6″ x 6″ footing and 8″ of depth, making it suitable for use in sand, dirt, and permanent cementing. The Ground Anchor also includes a Rain Cap for added protection.

The AC Power Adapter is an Indoor/Outdoor Direct Plug 110v AC to DC adapter that is waterproof and features an 8ft cord.

The ePowerPak 900 is an integrated LI-Ion Lock-in Battery with an impressive 880wH capacity. It includes a charger and is designed for indoor use.

The eSolar 200 is a foldable, waterproof 200W Solar Panel that can recharge the ePowerBank or ePowerPak.

The Quad-Pod is a 4-leg articulating quad-pod with leveling octagonal feet. It comes with grounding stakes and weight bags and can be mounted or anchored to virtually any surface.

The Extreme Protection Case is a hard-shell travel case with a custom EVA foam interior that is waterproof and shockproof, providing maximum protection for your eTower.

This complete lighting solution is perfect for rental companies, construction sites, athletic directors, and facility managers. The Titan eTower provides reliable and efficient lighting in any environment, making it the ideal choice for your portable lighting needs.

Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 12 in


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