Sports Field Lighting

What Specifications Should I Look for When Buying Sports Lighting?

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Often lighting is the most overlooked aspect of the sports playing field. Many individuals don’t understand how significant is it to install good sports LED lighting on the playing field. If you don’t do it with proper research, players, audience, and commentator all would have to suffer. With less illumination, the player might harm themselves, the audience would get blurred videos and pictures, and commentators cannot comment on the ongoing tension of the match. All these reasons make sports field lighting a necessary component. Look for all these specifications while buying lighting for your playing field:

Horizontal and vertical illumination

To give players a better vision during the play, horizontal illumination is preferred as the light falls directly on the playing field. On the other hand, the vertical lighting system is good in terms of the spectator. With the vertical lighting system, the spectator can see the faces of players and the movement of the ball very well. A vertical sports night light from at least 5 feet above the ground provides does the work. However, a horizontal illumination of around 500-750 is recommended. GO with the perfect combination of both these lights to provide a well-balanced video broadcast to the audience.


When the sports field lighting light isn’t uniform, the players have to face challenges to spot the ball, field-marking, etc., resulting in more penalties. To avoid such cases, uniform lighting is beneficial for a better vision of the players. Not only this, but the audience will also enjoy a better broadcasting experience with uniform illumination.

Glare Restriction

Lighting should be installed from the player’s perspective. An optimum glare should be provided in sports LED lighting, keeping in view the maximum contrast that players need during a match. Too much glare strains the player’s eyes and causes inconvenience to the audience as well. Keeping the glare at a minimum is proven optimal for both players and spectators.


Flickering is common among all the lights. This ruins the experience of both the players and the audience as well. Most outdated lights flicker. However, the latest sports field lighting system does not flicker, offering the players a smooth experience. You should go with new LED lights that offer non-flicker properties.

Sports Night Light

Shadow restriction

Casts and shadows on the playing field cause disturbances to both players and the audience. However, placing the lights at an optimal distance helps you to keep the shadowing down while improving the overall visibility.

Colour Rendering

For a pleasing viewer experience, the lighting system should accurately reflect colors that hold much importance in broadcasting. Install only those lights that have a better color rendition that makes every video pop out.

Light spillage

When a particular light doesn’t fall on the object that is to be illuminated is called light spillage. To avoid such a case, using appropriate luminaries would help. This way, the players and audience will have a better focus on the game, resulting in a better playing experience even in the dark.


In any outdoor game, consistent lighting all along the playing field is important. Or it will affect the experience of both players and spectators. Having consistency all over the playfield diminishes the probabilities of misfortunes and damages. Not only this, the audience sitting at home could enjoy a real experience when the lights and their color temperature are optimal.
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