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Why LED Lights Are Ideal for Volleyball Court?

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Volleyball is a challenging sport that requires technical and physical ability to a high degree. It was formerly popular to play it on the beach. Lighting is a vital aspect of this sport, whether it is played on a court or on the beach.
The volleyball court has a unique lighting need. This can be perplexing and aggravating. Here’s a guide about volleyball court lighting to assist you in getting the most suitable lighting for your court.

Volleyball Court Lighting Necessities:

Volleyball court lighting is crucial for improving player performance. The players’ vision will be harmed if the illumination is not enough. Furthermore, viewers will be unable to see what is happening on the court. In a volleyball court, then, sufficient lighting is critical.

When it comes to volleyball court lights, there are several factors to consider. The majority of volleyball courts are outdoor sports, and four or six poles are generally spaced on both sides of the volleyball court, depending on the size of the site. The brightness is the most significant need.

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Following are the main reasons why LED outdoor night lights are ideal for volleyball courts:

High light uniformity to better athletic conditions:

One of the advantages of using LED outdoor night lights for your volleyball courts is that the light it produces is more uniform. Unlike other lighting solutions, Eversun LED volleyball lights do not fade their brightness with time. From the first to the final day, they are dependably brilliant. They don’t flicker and reach maximum brightness almost immediately. This results in consistent lighting across the court, enhancing the overall playing experience.

LED volleyball lights help you save money on electricity.

Saving energy is the main advantage of utilizing LED lighting for the volleyball courts. You may save up to 80% on your energy bills by converting to LED volleyball lights instead of other forms of lighting, all without affecting the quality of your illumination. You do not have to worry about your energy expenses if you leave the lights on as long as people wish to play.
LED Volleyball Lights

Unaffected by Flicker:

LED volleyball lights are flicker-free, which is one of the benefits of using them. This is important, especially for television matches, since it eliminates the inconvenience of hurried photography. It’s ideal for fast-paced activities like volleyball.

What Is the Appropriate Number of Lights to Install?

You must concentrate on the poles necessary on the field to have sufficient lighting on your volleyball court. The courts feature various pole layouts, such as four poles, eight light poles, etc. Not only that, but the pole’s height varies as well.

You’ll need fewer poles if your volleyball court has tall poles. However, high-powered LED lights will be required to uniformly illuminate the room, but you must keep under the weight restriction for safety reasons.


For volleyball court illumination, Eversun outdoor night lights are the best option. They uniformly distribute light throughout the court and give excellent brightness with the appearance of natural light. Now is the time to go through our Apollo light system to locate your LED volleyball lighting option.